Tuesday, 28 January 2020
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What we offer

Informatie The Meulenbroek Veterinary Surgeons Horse X-ray Team utilizes EKLIN MARK III G x-ray equipment, which is the most modern equipment offered from America. The quality and detail of the x-ray is unexcelled. This device does not only take x-rays of injuries, it can also make up to 20 pre-recordings of the horse for complete sport examination. This device can also be used to clinically examination of your horse. All further diagnosis and treatment are done at your home by accredited horse veterinary surgeons. We can also do tendon echos, teething treatments, gynecology and castrations.

Things we need from you for your home x-ray:

  • A covered space
  • A two-stopper contact 220 volt, 16 amp electrical connection
  • Horseshoes removed prior to x-rays and on request can the horseshoes be placed back
  • Papers must be present


Latest news

Volledige keuring op paardenkliniek de Lavei

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Inhoudende een klinische en röntgenologische keuring met 20 röntgenfoto's en scopie voor cornageonderzoek : 500,00 euro.
Röntgenologische keuring [Sportkeuring] op paardenkliniek de Lavei: Inhoudende 20 röntgenfoto's : 300,00 euro.
Castratie op paardenkliniek de Lavei: op aanvraag.