Tuesday, 04 August 2020
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Paarden keuren

Who are we      
On September 1, 2010, we created the Meulenbroek Veterinary Surgeons horse x-ray team. The team consists of Dr. Christel Meulenbroek, Dr. Robert Meulenbroek, and Mr. Joran Spekschate.

Dr. Robert and Christel Meulenbroek are siblings who, after gaining experience at several clinics in the Netherlands, they began in 2009 their own practice for horses in Borne. They have both been accredited as veterinary horse surgeons.

Joran Spekschate has worked for 10 years at a horse clinic in Haaksbergen. There he focused on x-raying horses that were injured and those whose physical condition needed to be assessed prior to a sale.

Transport gives unnecessary stress to a horse. If the horse has a leg injury, transport to a clinic could possibly make the injury worse. Young horses are particularly at risk for increased injury in transport. Using mobile x-ray and echo equipment to examine, and if necessary, treat, at your home offers you and your horse the opportunity to rest in your own trusted surroundings.



Latest news

Volledige keuring op paardenkliniek de Lavei

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Inhoudende een klinische en röntgenologische keuring met 20 röntgenfoto's en scopie voor cornageonderzoek : 500,00 euro.
Röntgenologische keuring [Sportkeuring] op paardenkliniek de Lavei: Inhoudende 20 röntgenfoto's : 300,00 euro.
Castratie op paardenkliniek de Lavei: op aanvraag.